EmBark on Your Pug Story Adventure!

Pug Story books and plush toys are Entertaining & Educational, featuring Chloey the Pug and her canine crew of friends. Great for all ages and animal lovers everywhere, life lessons such as: embracing change, friendship, tenacity and bravery are imparted through fun and relatable story time adventures.

Our plush toys truly capture the essence of the Pug dog, and have been specially designed to match the main character in our books! Now you can cuddle up with a Pug Story book and your very own Chloey the Pug plush toy. Feel free to share your adventure with others, or take your very own Pug Story journey. Whichever you decide, you can be sure that Pug Story will capture your heart!

**We work very closely with non-profits across the globe, taking special care to help canine rescues and charitable organizations alike.