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Chloey's BIG Move

“Chloey's BIG Move," is great for all ages, life lessons such as friendship and bravery are imparted through fun and relatable story time adventures. Chloey and her canine friends will capture your heart as you follow them on their adventures!
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This book is so cute, it makes me want to have kids.Maria S., Chicago, IL
On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 13.  Everyone I show the book to adores it!Mark R., Frisco, CO
Every time I read Pug Story it brings a tear to my eye.Steve E., Glenview, IL
We love books that teach about life, thanks to you we have another one to add to our collection!The Kuhr Family, Chicago, IL
It was soooo much fun… and we loved the puppy!Students from Peck Elementary School- Chicago, IL
My grandkids absolutely love Pug Story!David F., San Rafael, CA
Evan recently started a new pre-school, so he could relate to Chloey.  We enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next one!Randi P., Broadlands, IL
Pug Story is so well written and thoughtful!  I read it to my daughter every night since we have gotten it.Julie F., Chicago, IL
“My daughter absolutely loves her combo pack!”-Jodi K. MI
We give Pug Story 2 paws upTiffy and Zoey, Chicago, IL
Pug Story is a great book with a great message, for kids and adults.Rosa A., Hallendale Beach, FL
I took it to show and tell at school today.Grace T., Chicago, IL
I feel like I never grew up when I read Pug Story! Lenny R., Sheboygan, WI
My copies of Pug Story will make great holiday gifts, thank you!Therese M., Chicago, IL
I found it to be a delightful story with beautiful illustrations.Sheila M., Chicago, IL
The students LOVED you!Beth Butler, Peck Elementary School- Chicago, IL
My boys absolutely love the Pug book!  Thank you for signing it for them.Bob M., St. Louis, MO
Evengi loves the book!  We have read it every night since we got it. 🙂Tobi A., Danville, IN